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The Brighton School of Samba invites you to join us at our largest performance of the year - Brighton Pride. With an audience of well over 160,000 on the streets of Brighton and around 60-80 performers taking part in the parade under the BSS flag, this is a day not to be missed. We will be joined by drummers and dancers from other schools and bands around the UK, as well as our friends Monica (vocals) and Pedro (cavaquinho), our ala travesti, and a large group of volunteers to help steward and rehydrate us along the way. This is the performance where BSS goes 'all out' to put on a visual spectacle not seen anywhere else in the south of England.

Registration and details

Registration is via Eventbrite. You can also opt to buy a BSS Pride 2015 t-shirt via this link. All costumes are heavily subsidised by BSS and your fee goes towards a number of costs including the fee we pay to Pride to be in the parade, insurances, PA equipment hire and costume materials.
Deadline for BSS members to register and guarantee a place is Sunday 21st June.

All BSS members taking part in Pride are required to attend a minimum of 2 costume making sessions prior to the parade.
All non-members/guests are required to attend our Samba de Quadra on Sunday 26th July in order for us all to rehearse together before the parade. Please visit our Samba de Quadra page for more information about the day. Note: If you live out of town and costume sessions are tricky, please contact us for alternative ways you can assist the school with Pride preparations. The Pride theme this year is 'Carnival of Diversity'.

Costume colours and information for each ala (in no particular order!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure a visual balance/performance across the school, we are implementing a first-come first-served sign up process for filling spaces in each ala. For non-BSS guests, your group invite will be advised where spaces are available in each ala or instrument section. Once all the currently available spaces are filled, we will open up additional spaces across the groups to ensure they remain balanced. This gives the best effect for the representation of the school as a whole.

Dance routines and bateria parts for the music we will be performing on parade will be made available to those in each group once registration is complete. This is solely for the purpose of rehearsing in your own time.


If someone in your group does not have access to where this material is stored, please advise them to contact us directly so that we can make it available to them in an alternative form if required.

Porta Bandeira and Mestre Sala

Wearing the primary school colours of gold, navy and white. The Porta Bandeira carries the School flag and is accompanied by the Mestre Sala.










Commissao de Frente

The Commissao de Frente opens up the theme of the School. This year BSS is performing for the fifth year running in the Pride parade. As such, we are celebrating the diversity within our school, with members of a wide range of ages and abilities, cultures and backgrounds coming together to perform samba dance and drumming. Our Commissao de Frente therefore represents all the members and performers within BSS.

CDF DrummerCDF Dancer










The passistas are wearing turquoise and gold. These are the more advanced dancers within our group, with fast footwork (samba no pe) and elegant freestyle dancing. The passistas are choreographed by Orquidea Lima.










Ala Indios

Turquoise with rainbow colours. The ala Indios is a choreographed group made up of a range of abilities from absolute beginners to improvers. The costume is an homage to the native Indians of Brazil. The ala Indios is choreographed by Chris do Funk.

ala Indios










White and navy. Reminiscent of the Brighton Pavilion design, the baianas wear the traditional cottons of the African slaves who came to Brazil, bringing the roots of samba with them. The baianas are choreographed by Rosaria Gracia.











Navy, turquoise, white and gold. The butterfly represents the freedom to be who we are and what we want to be, yielding a culture of diversity. The destaques are the highlight dancers and will be choreographed by Orquidea Lima.












Wearing all white, we are honoured once again to be joined by Monica on vocals and Pedro on cavaquinho.











In navy, white and gold, the bateria join forces with the puxadores to provide the music for the school. As in previous years, the bateria will have a Pride 2015 t-shirt, this year with the addition of a collar and headdress in rainbow colours. Agogo bells in red, chocalho in orange, tams in yellow, caixa and repeniques in green and blue, surdos in purple. The Bateria Directors are Malcolm Duffitt and Russell Fielding.










ala Travesti

Rainbow colours. Our ala travesti is the guest group, mostly but not exclusively, members who are drag queens and transvestites. With a wide range of beautful costumes - which they all make themselves - the members bring a diversity of colours and styles to our performance at Pride each year.










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