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Samba de Quadra

The Brighton School of Samba holds regular samba de quadra days where the whole school comes together, usually just before a big performance, to rehearse, make costumes, and most of all have fun! It is an excellent and essential opportunity for dancers and bateria to mix it up, socialise, rehearse together and enjoy the community spirit of BSS. Friends, family and all associated with BSS are welcome to our samba de quadra days.

Sunday 26th July

Our next samba de quadra day is Sunday 26th July. This is a compulsory session to finalise everything before our Pride performance on Saturday 1st August. We have a number of exciting events lined up during the course of the day, including:

  • Full ala bateria rehearsal
  • Full dance rehearsal
  • Dress rehearsal for CDF, baianas, passistas and destaques
  • and of course food, drink, fun and socialising!
  • General information for Samba de Quadra Days

    FEES: Quadra days have a flat fee for the whole day regardless of how long you stay - members £7.50, non-members £10.00. Friends and family who are visiting to watch are invited to make a donation of £5.00 to the school towards their food and drink.

    VENUE: Hangleton Community Centre - View Map

    CHILDREN: Children are very welcome - there is an outdoor self-contained play area - but please note that children remain the sole responsibility of the adult they came with. For information about our Child Safeguarding Policy, please talk to Craig or Nadja or email us for a copy

    FOOD / DRINK / ALCOHOL: Tea, coffee and a few nibbles will be provided - please do bring some items to share with everyone. It is a long day and we need to keep our energy levels up! The venue has a kitchen we may use - please ensure it is kept clean and tidy and left in as good a condition as we found it. Please note alcohol is NOT permitted at Quadra (or at any BSS rehearsal).

    First Aid / Emergencies: BSS carry at least two First Aid kits at all times and have a number of First Aiders - Nadja, Craig and Lauren. Should you need First Aid or any form of medical assistance, please tell someone immediately and ask for a BSS First Aider.

    Accidents: In the event of an accident during Quadra (or any BSS rehearsal/performance), we have an accident report book. All accidents should be reported to one of the BSS Directors - Malcolm / Nadja - AFTER medical assistance has been sought where required.

    Ear plugs: Due to the volume of the bateria in full flow, it is essential that ear plugs are used to protect your hearing, particularly for the children. If you do not have ear plugs, please ask Nadja to get some from the bateria studio for you - cost £1.50.

    Photography/filming: As BSS has several children (ages 6-15) in the bateria as well as children visiting on Quadra days, filming and photography are NOT permitted under any circumstances. We will be recording during the course of the day. If you feel it is essential that you need to record, for example, a certain dance move, or bateria break, please speak with Nadja or Craig and we will ensure you can get the required footage.

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